Friday, May 29, 2015

Anarchists in Thailand

Anarchists in Thailand


  1. We all know Holocaust.

    We all know Eli Wiesel.

    We all know Spielberg movies.

    Although a fictional novel, Schindler's List was presented as a documentary.

    Do you know the word NAKBA?

    If so, how could you NOT know such an important word?

  2. Your contempt for Kunstler is confirmed

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    From: gerald spezio
    Sent: Friday, December 3, 2010 7:31 AM
    Subject: Guy, powerful self-expose of murdering Zionist, Jim Kunstler - a peak oil "guru."

    How James Kunstler, the peak oil communications genius behind, "Escape from Suburbia" sees it;

    from energy bulletin Dec. 28, 2008;

    "Until the last few days of the year, that is. I'm sure the ever-growing cohort of American anti-semites who send me emails will be tickled when I assert that the Hamas rocket attacks against Israel of recent days guaranteed a sharp response from Israel -- and now, of course, Hamas is playing the crybaby card: "... what'd we do to deserve this...?" Well, you fucking fired a bunch rockets into Israel. Did you ever hear of cause-and-effect? This matter requires no further elucidation, except that it seems to suggest a ramping back up of hostilities. I wonder if it is the beginning of a new coordinated offensive by Islamic extremism aimed at taking advantage of the West's current economic plight (and the West's probable aversion to anything that will complicate its desired recovery). We'll know in a month or so, I think, since any coordinated campaign (if such a thing were possible) might well be aimed at confounding the new American president.

    The other hot corner of the world right now is the India-Pakistan border where the 60-year-old rivalry, which has already produced three wars, looks to be gearing up for yet another round. I'm not the first one to say that Pakistan is an extremely dangerous regional player, being an economic basket case, possessing a score or so of nuclear bombs, harboring more Islamic fundamentalist maniacs than any other place in the world, and having a government held together with duct tape and twine. The caper in Mumbai last September could well have been construed as an act of war, but somehow India kept its head. Who knows where this is going . . . .

    So far I have only described what is already obviously going on. Add to this the likelihood that Iran is closer to achieving membership in the atomic weapon club. They've been spinning their centrifuges all year and nobody has done anything about it. My guess is that neither the US nor Israel will attempt to take out their facilities in the year ahead. If Iran used a nuclear device against Israel, or anybody else, they would be asking to become, in turn, the world's largest ashtray. End of story."

    Israel openly murders hundreds of caged Palestinians including women & children in the Gaza Concentration Camp, and Kunstler mouths the Zionist line about defending from "the rocket attacks" & calls it all a "crybaby" propaganda scheme.

    Kunstler warns of "Islamic Maniacs" while Zionist maniacs viciously murder and destroy caged humans at will with the most sophisticated weaponry made in the USA.

    And the mad Muslim Pakistanis with their nuclear bombs ...

    And the mad Iranians with their centrifuges - calculating to harm poor suffering defenseless Israel ...

    Who is a "terrorist" justifying murder and filled with lies and hatred here?????